Nauryz 2024

Taking advantage of the holidays on Nauryz, we went on vacation to the mountain resort “Oi-Qaragai Forest Fairy Tale”, which is located on the territory of the Ile-Alatau National Park, a 35- minute drive from Almaty.

There are many interesting things оп the territory of the resort, for example: “Village in the trees”, hotel houses, comfortable yurts for living – “ethno-auyl”. In addition to ski trails and hiking trails, there are many very interesting things in the design of the resort itself. For example, the restaurant “Ak Auyl”, in the largest yurt, the diameter of which is 19 meters and 80 centimeters, and can accommodate up to 200 people inside. By the way, this yurt is listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

Another attraction of the resort is the wonderful “Place of Power”. According to legend, in this place an energy pillar rises from the bowels of the Earth to the sky itself. This is the junction point of the mundane and the sacred. After sitting at this Pyramid, you can feel a powerful flow of energy.

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