Message From The CEO

We are 30 years old!
From the first day of the establishment of our company, we pursued the goal – to promote the protection of intellectual property at a decent level.
We have gone through a difficult period of founding, growth, and formation.
Our company values its reputation very much, and it is worthful for us when customers recommend us to others even after decades.
Over the years, we have grown and certified 7 patent attorneys who are qualified specialists with extensive experience in the field of intellectual property.
The practice of our company exceeds more than 20,000 cases, which include both the protection of all intellectual property objects and protection in administrative, civil or criminal courts.
Our team members constantly improve their professional level, receive additional education at universities, participate with reports at forums, seminars, conferences of international organizations (INTA, FICPI, LES, AIPPI), provide consultations, conduct trainings, give lectures on the course “Intellectual Property” for listeners – students of higher educational institutions, judges, lawyers.
Our team copes perfectly with the tasks assigned to it, because everyone is engaged in their own field of activity: trademarks, patents, license agreements and assignments, court cases. Thus, the team forms a single organism, the participants of which, divided by their specific site, perfectly perform their local work. Well-coordinated and friendly work of our team is the key to achieving high results in our activities.


Alma Tagbergenova